Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nothing to report

Well... 22 months in to my stay in Nigeria and I just can't think of anything exciting to report. I haven't done much in the week since I got back from the States and what I have done mostly centered around leaving Nigeria (making progress on my EER - employee evaluation in case you aren't in the know, trying to get someone to approve my TMTWO - basically my travel schedule, and trying to wrap up a few side projects I've been working on).

I don't have any big plans coming up - no trips, no awesome Field Society outings - I just want to finish strong and get home safely. On that note - it's a bit disconcerting to hear friends and family talking about a travel ban from West Africa. I do, after all, live in West Africa.

And now for some miscellanea...
The view from my apartment.
It's been just a little  bit rainy for the past few (6) months. We're kind of hoping this will be the end of the rainy season. Ironically I cancelled my plans due to weather but then it turned out to be a beautiful day later on.  
Lagos from the third mainland bridge
Doesn't quite do justice to the scale of the place does it?
Ok. That's all I got. Someday - hopefully before I leave for good - I will come up with something else new or interesting to tell all my faithful readers about Nigeria but until then, have a good one!

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