Saturday, September 13, 2014

Whale watching in Lagos

Yep. You read that right. I just got back from a very unexpected but awesome Lagos opportunity. The Nigerian Field Society (of course!) ran this trip, and as with every trip they run, I can't recommend it highly enough. I freaking love the NFS. It only comes up once or twice a year though, so you have to jump when you see the opportunity.

Anyway, we started out early in the morning from a dock where I just discovered that they have deep sea fishing and 'yacht cruises'. Will definitely check that out before I leave post if there's time. 

We passed downtown Lagos and headed first west along the coast and then south toward the Equator.

For awhile we just enjoyed the ocean and the breeze and each other's company. We scanned the horizon like crazy but by the time we were supposed to head back no one had seen anything. Not a huge disappointment of course, but you know - it was a whale watching trip and I didn't want to come home 'empty handed'.

But just as we started to head back the guide pointed out fins in the water. It was the best!

Obviously, I got exactly zero good pictures. The boat was rocky, the whales move pretty quick, and I was focusing more on spotting them than photographing them. I hope somebody else got some good shots because the only whale picture I managed to get is a bit underwhelming.

It's the tiny black spot in the upper middle/right of the picture.

Still, what a great day!

Even if we hadn't seen a whale it would have been a good time though. There's just something about the ocean that makes everything better.

Also, for those who are curious, I have no idea what kind of whales we saw. A Wikipedia article I found lists a number of whale species that can be found off the Ghanaian coast so I'm assuming it's one of those...maybe pilot whales? Meh. Either way, I definitely need to add this to my life list so I can cross it off.

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