Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the long weekend - I know I did.

This weekend was kind of like the Sound of Music - made that much better by the addition of a few of my favorite things. ;)

Friday we had 'bad movie night' where we watched one of my favorite bad movies - yes, I have a whole collection of particularly bad/good ones. This week the highlighted selection was '2012'. Highly recommended.

Saturday I sailed in an offshore race. As usual (particularly during the offshore races) I got soaked and bruised and exhausted and only slightly lost at sea and it was one of the best days ever. I LOVE offshore sailing. The wind, the sun, the waves...*sigh* it was glorious. ... After that I somehow found the energy to hit up three different grocery stores and catch the tail end of a barbeque.

Sunday I did brunch with a group of friends, then caught a showing of 'Frozen' organized by our friendly Marines. Then the exhaustion from sailing hit me like a sack of bricks and I went to a house party only to leave at 8:13pm because I 'couldn't possibly keep my eyes open a second longer'. Lame.

Today we hit Balogun market for fabric with some great people who are new at post. I'm excited about the incoming set of officers and their families. So far they all seem adventurous, low-maintenance, and - perhaps even more fortunate - highly competent. Lucky us! We also checked out my new favorite Lagos restaurant (Spice) and ate some amazing Indian food. I've spent the rest of my afternoon experimenting in the kitchen. I made a pumpkin spice latte (from actual pumpkins) - which was a bit heavy on the milk and light on the coffee but otherwise delicious - and garlic pumpkin mashed potatoes with spinach - which I'd recommend, particularly if you have a bunch of leftover pumpkin you're trying to use up.

And with that I think it's time to watch some Kill Bill (what, that's not your 'feeling happy' movie?) and enjoy this weekend to the very last drop.

(And congrats B&D!)

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