Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scratch off map

While in Italy last year my parents bought me a scratch-off map to record all my travels. Since then I've done what felt like quite a bit of traveling within Africa, so I've made the map part of the post-vacation tradition (along with retrieving my half-dead plants from the plant sitter and doing a hundred loads of laundry).  Until I bust out the map I always feel well-traveled, but once I unroll it, well...

I'll let you be the judge.
Kind of pathetic isn't it?
I realized pretty quickly that if I want to make some progress on this map I need to get my priorities straight. Bigger=better and colder=bigger. When I go home on R&R I really have to visit Canada. Look how much space I could scratch off! And maybe while in Italy I can do a weekend in Moscow. I can't lie - it's tempting.
And I'm definitely going to have to serve in Africa again because that part of the map is frustratingly bare despite my best efforts.
And hey! It looks like I forgot to scratch-off Liberia. Epic win of the day. It's a little bit sad how happy that makes me. Maybe this is the wrong gift for someone with a touch of OCD. Or maybe it is a maddeningly perfect gift. :)
Speaking of perfect gifts, what does one purchase for a parent's milestone birthday? The parent or parents in question can feel free to leave some hints in the comments section.

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