Sunday, July 13, 2014


It has struck me lately that two years is a really long time. Not that I haven't always thought that. The whole 'two ENTIRE years commitment' is the reason I never applied for the Peace Corps. I just couldn't imagine being in the same place for two years. (On purpose!) It's true I did two years in grad school, but I got to travel a bit while I was there, and anyway - grad school was kind of unavoidable.

Then, when I got this job I resigned myself to the possibility that I too might get stuck for 24 months in the same place, over and over and over again. Now that I'm living the dream I can say that while it isn't as bad as I thought, I'd still prefer one year tours - and yes, that means in the easy places as well as the hard places. Around the one year mark at post I started to get itchy feet and now that I only have a little over five months left I'm starting to get truly antsy. I'm still doing all my day to day stuff, of course, but I find myself spending a bit too much time planning out my life six months from now.

For example: I know the movies I'm planning to see and the restaurants I want to try back in DC. I've googled doctors and hairdressers that I'll need to visit. And I've been obsessively searching for the perfect apartment for the 8 months I'll be in DC on training. (Closer to FSI or closer to town? Near the grocery store or the library? Faceless Northern Virginia suburb number one or faceless Northern Virginia suburb number two? The choices are endless ;)  I started thinking that maybe I should start sorting stuff for packout and make a donation pile before I realized it's time to draw the line.

I guess it's good timing that I have a vacation and an R&R still coming up in the next five months. Maybe that will keep the itchy feet at bay until it's time to actually start making departure plans. And if anyone has any good suggestions to keep me focused on Nigeria for the rest of 2014, just let me know!

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