Saturday, July 26, 2014

8 reasons to bid Lagos high (4)

Continuing my series (parts one, two and three here) of random reasons why you should bid Lagos high. I had originally intended this series to be posted all about the same time, but I'm happy now that I've spread it out over my whole tour. I think I've noticed different things and have a whole new perspective on the country after a year and a half than I did at the 5 month mark.

Reason #6 to bid Lagos high - the ocean

Having grown up on a lake, I love, love, love the water. No offense Abuja, but many of my favorite things about Nigeria are actually Lagos specific and the ocean is a big part of that. Most of the best ways to relax and enjoy yourself in Lagos seem to revolve around water. As the most obvious example, there's sailing.
How could I not love this?
Joining the yacht club has given me a great chance each weekend to get some exercise, hang out with a new crowd of people, learn a new skill, and enjoy the sun and the breeze and the water. But you don't have to sail to enjoy the water. I've also gone on a number of boat tours of the channel/harbor. It's fascinating to see the variety of activities taking place in the port.  I'm on the water in some form almost every day and I truly never get sick of it.
There are tiny fishing boats next to gigantic container ships, there are sand dredgers and tug boats, lately there's even an oil platform that appears to be parked in the port for some sort of maintenance. And of course don't forget all the abandoned ships.

There are also some beautiful beaches here - though they are not safe for swimming.
I get out to the beach about once per month and have a good time sunning and grilling with friends. If you wanted to you could go more often. The ocean is also the reason that the community of Makoko exists, and you know how much I loved Makoko.

There's also just something intangible that makes water relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, happy Eid! We've got two days off next week (though I might be working one of them to help reduce the backlog caused by our recent systems issues) and I plan to do as much relaxing as possible.

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