Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ali the tailor

So... Ali the tailor has finished the outfits I had him make and I'm super pumped to share the results. But first, a few words about using a tailor and using this tailor in particular, now that I'm in the know.

First, it's cheaper than buying store bought clothes, but it ain't free. I paid about $40 per outfit in the end. I may have been able to get it cheaper, but I don't like negotiating.  (Money: solving lazy people's problems since forever.)

Second, it's not as time consuming as I thought. I gave the tailor my fabric last Saturday and he came the very next week with finished products. When I needed adjustments made they only took a couple of days.

Third, it's a pretty sweet deal. Ali the tailor took a pile of fabric and two small and blurry pictures of stuff that I saw in a magazine and liked, and customized it just for me. You pick the fabric, the design, the fit, everything. Pretty doggone awesome.

Fourth, be specific. Ali the tailor is not a details person. He is a big picture - get-the-dress-done person. So it pays to be specific and say things like 'please use high-quality zippers' or 'make the button holes big enough that the buttons fit through without any shoving and cursing on my part, or 'I want to leave a little thigh to the imagination'. He's great about fixing stuff, but you know - there's a reason it gets done so fast.

So, without further ado, new clothes! Modeled by yours truly.
What, you don't take pictures on your bathtub? 
(This is the place with the best lighting as I've discovered.)
I like how he did the flowers up and down on top and at a diagonal angle on the bottom.

A copy of a dress I already had - I bought the fabric for a tablecloth, but there was so much left that I thought, why not? I still need a good belt for this one, but so far I like it. And now I can blend in with the table when I eat breakfast. ;)

Many apologies for the general blurriness here. I got the fabric from a friend for Valentine's day. It's a little colorful compared to what I normally wear, but I love the bounciness of it.

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