Thursday, May 29, 2014

Namibia (Last one I swear)

Ok. Rounding up the Namibia photos.

There were two sights that made me really want to come to Namibia - and the south part of Namibia in particular. The first were the dunes at Sosussvlei. According to our guide they are the largest dunes in the world. Let me just say that climbing dunes is crazy exhausting, but they are a lot of fun to run down.

I could post about a million pictures from the dunes because it was all so breathtaking, but I think these are some of the best - also, I had to cull out quite a few because the fine sand that was blowing around did a number on my camera lens. :( Might need to get that replaced sometime soon. Who knew dunes were so dangerous?


The deadvlei. Photographed better by other people, but still very dramatic, even when an amateur like me comes along with a little 'point and click' camera.
Poor camera! This is what all that blowing sand looked like to my lens.

My friends, climbing 'big daddy'. In the million degree desert - it took maybe 1 1/2-2 hours. No thank you!

This was the only dune I ended up climbing to the top - Dune 45. It was plenty difficult so I feel like I got enough of a workout in.

I love the color - the early morning light really brought out the red in the dunes, though they are by nature very red anyway.

Ok, so that was the dunes.
The other thing I really wanted to see in southern Namibia was the ghost town of Kolmanskop. It has a fascinating history, here. It was great to learn about, but to be honest I mostly just wanted to run around and take pictures and from that standpoint I got exactly what I wanted...the second the tour guide stopped talking.
Most of the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. It's a former mining town that is slowly being taken over by the dunes, so houses full of sand - pretty much as you'd expect. Even the ones without much sand were beautiful to photograph though. Something about the light and the hints of the original owners (like paint, furniture, and wallpaper) just made the houses very moving.


This (finally!) concludes the Namibia trip pictures. I'll try to condense all the South Africa stuff into my next post, but we'll see. It was pretty jam-packed.

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