Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Namibia (landscapes)

Namibia looked so much like the American Southwest that for a while I didn't feel the need to take any pictures, but eventually the scenery was just too spectacular to resist.  I'll save the big dunes for the next post, but otherwise I feel like this is a fairly representative sample.
View of the plain from Elim Dune, the start of the red sand dunes of the Namib
The bay at Luderitz. It looks tempting but as a novice sailor all I could think was how strong the wind was - you'd have to be good to stay upright in those waters.

Quiver trees!

Ai-Ais, the campground at the very south of Namibia. Unlike everywhere else we stayed it was nice and warm at Ai-Ais. No surprise this was my favorite campground. (Also notable is how much like an American campground it was. They were all like that! Hot water showers, electrical outlets for each campsite, landscaping, signs, everything clean and orderly.... I couldn't help but notice that camping in Namibia felt more civilized than staying at a hotel in Nigeria.)

Loved this white grass - we saw it near Marienthal on our first day.

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