Monday, April 28, 2014

Balogun market

This weekend I got the chance to visit one of Lagos' biggest markets. It used to be off limits, so I really appreciated the chance to finally see it for myself. The market is basically several city blocks of pure chaos in the interests of capitalism. In other words, it's the perfect expression of life in Nigeria. ;)

So many people.

The reason we came to the market - Fabric! Fabric is apparently what one buys in Nigeria and it's cheap and very cool. The best part is that it's easy to get a tailor here and have whatever you want made. (Not to say that I've managed in my 16 months at post to get anything made by a tailor, but you know, it's easy for other people.)


Wedding beads!
And finally.....
The loot!

The color came out all wrong in the picture but this is a beautiful lime green and the flowers are actually kind of burgundy. I'm having it made into a work dress.

This one is my tablecloth already but I do want to have it tailored and maybe get some matching napkins made. I love that it's so bright and sunny! It reminds me of summer mornings back home.
The successful shopping excursion for some reason inspired me to completely clean the apartment and rearrange the furniture yesterday, even after a full day of brunching and sailing, so clearly this fabric has magical powers.
And that's all for today. It might be radio silence for awhile since I have a full schedule of vacationing in southern Africa this month. I promise to update with lots of pictures when I get back though!

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