Monday, March 24, 2014


(by reader request - Hi Mom!)

It does seem a little odd that I so rarely post about sailing, considering that it's been my main hobby here. But in case you're interested - I'm still at it!

The club holds a race every Saturday, usually at 2:30. Those of us without boats just show up between 12 and 1 and ask around - I've never been unable to find a ride. We get the boats rigged up, douse ourselves in sunscreen, and hit the water.  Usually I'll be off the water by about 5 - sticky from the salt water, tired, a bit sore, and happy. The club has been a great way to meet people from outside the consulate, get some exercise and sunshine, and learn a skill I hope to use again. It seems expensive, but when I thought about it I'm spending the same I used to spend for a part-time driver (back when I had one) and this has by far turned out to be the better investment.

Unfortunately the best photo ops all happen in places where I'm not planning to bring my camera - so you'll have to made do with what I could get from shore.

Close calls - the channel is always full of a variety of boats, some are just a bit more 'adventurous' about giving each other space than others.

I love how you actually get a sense of the size of some of the monster ships coming through the port. It is my dream to one day drive one of these monsters through a hurricane. Maybe for my next career...

A bit blurry since I took it with my phone - this is right at the start of the race. These are the Lightnings. Sailing them is a bit more civilized (you get less wet and less bruised). The Hobies are catamarans (pictured above) and sailing one is exhilarating, but also kind of like wrestling a water buffalo for a few hours (this is my guess, I have no actual experience with water buffalo.)

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