Friday, February 28, 2014

Lagos Living - Suya

Suya is an institution in Lagos. Most Americans have a problem with a lot of Nigerian cooking because it tends to incorporate an awful lot of the dreaded 'crawfish stock' (at least according to my sources). Suya is therefore extremely popular since it contains exactly zero crawfish stock. It's also pretty affordable and one of the only foods that is available on-the-go.
The process of making suya is (or seems to be at least) relatively straightforward.
Step 1) Slice some meat (usually chicken or beef) into thin strips.
Step 2) Stick them on some skewers.
Step 3) Roll them in some kind of powder. I admit - I don't really know what's in the powder, but it's good and it's spicy.
Step 4) (pictured) Grill them up.
Step 5) Fry them. (Yes, suya combines the goodness of both grilling and frying. It's clearly the perfect food.)

Step 6) And finally, serve them up with some onion and/or tomato slices.
Bon Appetite!

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