Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lagos Living - Microshops

Continuing the series ... where does a person go to purchase things in a country with 100 entrepreneurs for every 100 people (I'm pretty sure that statistic is right)? Everywhere! All you seem to need to open a shop in Nigeria is a) a shipping container of any size, or b) a hole in a wall - or a wall into which you are willing to cut a hole.

Even pretty legit stores operate out of containers or holes in the wall. My favorite fruit and vegetable seller operates out of a shipping container. The consulate crowd refers to it, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as 'the container store'. These stores are also pretty handy for buying drinks and snack food - though you won't always find western brands.
This might be my all-time favorite. It's a tailor shop and I like how it combines hole-in-the-wall style with shipping container functionality. And how that picture on the wall looks like an old-timey TV.

Proud shop owner of a beverage shop.

Beauty salon and another proud owner.

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