Monday, February 24, 2014

Lagos Living - Hawking

Almost forgot the most important way to open a business in Nigeria! For the entrepreneur with very little start-up capital, the method of choice is to grab whatever they can carry and haul it -usually on their head - wherever customers might be. This works for a surprising number of goods. Fruit, nuts, drinks, snack food, books, magazines, newspapers, cleaning items, car care stuff, clothes, you name it. I especially like the wandering tailors and cobblers though and have used their services many times. You just hear them walking along with a sewing machine or box of tools on their shoulder, making some noise with their tools to advertise their services. All you have to do is wave one down and they'll fix your sandals, sew on a button or whatever else you need on the spot. 

*I hope to get some more pictures of this later.

Best sign ever - also completely ignored by everyone.

Those pineapples and limes look delicious. If I hadn't been so busy taking a photo I would have chased her down to buy some. - Also not sure what's in the small bucket but I *think* it's puff-puff, a popular pastry here.

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