Monday, January 20, 2014

Back in town


It's been almost two weeks since the last time I wrote.

I wish I could say I was off giving Nobel prize acceptance speeches or curing cancer but I was just on vacation and being lazy.

R&R was a much-needed break from my real life (isn't it always) and I feel like I got a lot accomplished too. I saw all the grandparents, mom, dad and the South American. I bought a whole pile of things that'd I've been needing back in Lagos, I may or may not have started the home ownership process (more on that to come), and I ate at McDonald's. You're welcome, American economy.

I've been pretty busy since I got back. Yesterday I grilled for the first time ever. It took 2.5 hours. The lighting of the charcoal part took 2 hours. Once that trainwreck was corrected (thanks neighbors for the help!) the actual cooking went amazingly well. I was so pleased that I decided to add 'learn how to grill food' to my life list so I could check it off.

Today I accomplished what seemed like a lot too - considering I never left the building. I took down my Christmas decorations (I know, I know), answered all my long-neglected emails, made my favorite scones, retrieved my plants from the plantsitter, cleaned the entire apartment, watched two of the three Lord of the Rings movies - and not the short version either! - and probably lots of other things but I think that's enough to impress even the most cynical reader.

The only challenge remaining is to trick my jet-lagged brain into sleeping on a normal schedule tonight. I may have jinxed myself by bragging yesterday that I was already over jetlag, only to find that last night I was up til 2am, at which point I took a sleeping pill and slept in til 10. Not exactly a jet-lag win considering that I was trying to get my body back to the 5:30am wake-up routine.

Oh well, I guess that's what tomorrow is for!

I'll leave you with some photos of my amazing grilling adventure.

See how it was light out when I got the fire started?

This is how dark it was by the time cooking actually happened.
But hey, cheers to the mini Italian grill. It worked perfectly (user error notwithstanding) and I will definitely be doing this again sometime.

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