Sunday, November 3, 2013


The list is out - accompanied by a flurry of emails between me and my colleagues around the world who are bidding in the same cycle.

At first the list made me a bit nervous. There were an overwhelmingly large number of jobs open in some very high volume places (i.e. visa mills) and after 10 months and almost 15,000 visa interviews that is the one thing that I was hoping to avoid for my second tour.

But, after sorting through the list for valid and imperfect bids (bids where the timing works) I've got a list that I'm pretty happy with. My top 10 all fall into the 'dream post' category and my top 15 would all be fantastic places to spend a couple years.

I still have some tweaking to do of course, but at a certain point it's just one big guessing game. There's really no good way to compare a PD job in Mexico City with a econ job in Ankara; or to compare Skopje and Sofia, Santo Domingo and San Salvador. At a certain point I think I'll be down to rating posts based on who has a Starbucks and who doesn't, but we'll see.

So there it is! Second tour bidding in a nutshell. I might have more to say after I've gotten feedback on my draft list from the CDO. And of course, stay tuned for late Nov/early Dec for the big announcement.

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