Friday, October 4, 2013


It was a good day.


Well, work was a mess. We got a group that threw us off right from the start and it took two hours before I felt like I was back in my normal rhythm. I think the rest of the line felt the same way.


But things started looking up from there.


I took on a new project (the idea of a good friend here) and I’m already really excited about how it's going to solve a longstanding issue we've had at post. Hopefully  we'll streamline our workflow and in the process be able to provide better customer service to our applicants. And while it might seem to some of our applicants that all we do is refuse visas, we do all actually care about our applicants and want to give them a good experience.


After work I had a couple errands to run. Normally in a developing country - and really, even in a non-developing country - you can't ever get ALL the things done on the first try. Inevitably you've forgotten a form or the office is inexplicably closed, or the shop is out of peas or whatever. Today though? Nothing but net. I picked up some ginger for the ginger snaps I've been craving for two weeks and some lime for my favorite lime fizz recipe. I dropped off my membership application for the Nigerian Field Society (I've been meaning to do this for - I kid you not - 3 months). Now I'll get emails about all the cool activities they do - more on that in the future. In the process I discovered a great little coffee shop/boutique - Quintessence. I bought a highlife CD (love it already) and a book I've been wanting to read - I do not come to you by chance - by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani. It's a particularly relevant book for anyone doing consular work, especially ACS, in Lagos. I promise I'll review it when I finish. I also found out that this place sells my FAVORITE art in Lagos. For months and months I've been seeing these great metalwork wall hangings and I just had to have one. But the only place I found that sold them charged WAY more than I was willing to spend. I knew they had to be cheaper than that. Sure enough this new store has them for exactly what I'm willing to pay. Perfection. And to top it off, I swung by the MTN store and they cut my SIM card to fit in the new iPhone my parents got me for my birthday. I've finally joined the 21st century!

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