Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not at work today

It's 7:01 and I'm officially late for work - or would be if I was working today.

I bet you're assuming I'm off work since the government is furloughing non-essential employees. But if you read the Washington Post's breakdown you'll see that the State Department is still operational - and that the Bureau of Consular Affairs, since it is fee-funded, is continuing work as normal.

So what's this about me not being at work today?

Today is the 53rd anniversary of Nigerian independence.  You can read Secretary Kerry's message here. As for me - I'd just like to say:

Congratulations on your independence Nigeria!
I plan to spend the day reading my new book - Ake by Wole Soyinka - and tracking down my little Nigerian flag so I can wave it, should the occasion arise.
And of course, tomorrow morning I'll be right back at work, alongside my Nigerian and American colleagues, serving our visa applicants and American citizens regardless of what's happening in Washington.

And just because...
See? A special doodle just for Nigeria's independence day. Not sure if you can see this outside Nigeria, hence the hyperlink.
(It's not official until Google says it's official.)

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