Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ghana 2

My recommendations for Ghana:
*spend at least 1.5 or 2 days in the Cape Coast area
*definitely visit the slave castles but skip the tour
*stay at the Kakum National Park overnight so you can do the early morning tour and canopy walk and increase your chances of seeing some animals
*you don't need more than a day or a day and a half in Accra
*buy fabric - yes there's the ubiquitous kente cloth which I didn't manage to drum up much interest in, but there's also some really great cotton fabric that reminds me of the 1950s
*places we liked
  • For shopping - Trashy Bags (nice bags made from recycled billboards and plastic bags); Wild Gecko - reasonably priced tourist stuff
  • For eating/drinking -  the seafood restaurant on top of Atlantic Lobster  (they have  a set price 7 course seafood meal that was amazing and I would highly recommend it); The Republic - a nice bar to get a feel for the Accra scene; Café Dez Amis - an actual coffee shop (haven't yet found anything like it in Lagos) with free wifi, good drinks, pastries and food
*it might be easiest to rent a car or hire a car/driver combination to do Cape Coast and the Kakum National Park, but within Accra taxis are cheap and safe
*skip the WEB Dubois museum - it was terrible
*the national museum was ok and worth an hour of your time
*stay in Osu while in Accra
*visit the beach but NOT Labadi (it was dirty, loud, and crowded)
*consider seeing a soccer game while you're there. I've heard from people in the know that it's not really a good idea in Lagos, but Accra seemed like a good place to jump into the action
Canopy walk! It only took about a half-hour, but it was a lot of fun.

Very, very shaky.

Cape coast

The Vienna City something... restaurant at Labadi beach. While I wouldn't recommend Labadi beach, if you do go there I would recommend this place for lunch.

Even in Ghana I couldn't escape the visas! BTW - did you hear Nigeria is no longer a diversity visa country?
Ok, that's all. Back to our regularly scheduled program next time.

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