Monday, September 16, 2013

Second wind

After I got back from R&R I've noticed a pretty solid change in my attitude at work.

Since I'm pretty sure I didn't just get more mature overnight I think the attitude change can be traced back to some pretty awesome workplace improvements of late.

#1 - I got to start training for some ACS work. I wasn't originally slated to do any ACS during this tour and I've been pretty bummed about it so this opportunity came as a pleasant surprise. It was SO refreshing to get to learn something new after 8 months perfecting my NIV skills (to the point that I'm pretty sure I could adjudicate in my sleep).
#2 - We have more people. This is life-changingly awesome. I don't know who to specifically thank for this one so just thank you everyone. We desperately needed the help and now that we have it, it feels like we can actually breathe again.
#3 - We're all caught up (meaning that the wait time for a non-immigrant visa is basically zero). We can offer better customer service this way and there is no longer the pressure of hundreds of waiting applicants to try to squeeze in on top of our regular work load.
#4 - I finally admitted to myself and others that I'm neither a workaholic nor superwoman and gave up a project that was just turning out to be too much for me. I was embarrassed to have to say no to something, but in the end I got a little of my sanity back and one of the new officers got something good for their EER.

And now that I'm finally moved into my new apartment and all unpacked I can actually spend my time doing non-work things. Such as... sailing (we capsized three times this weekend, but still finished the race, not sure if this means we are crazy or just really committed), checking out new restaurants, going to parties, movies and all the little stuff in between.

So yeah, all in all work and life are back in balance and I've got no complaints. ... And I've got new plants. Life is good.

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