Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tomaro Island

A few weeks ago the consulate took a trip to Tomaro Island for a medical outreach program. Our wonderful doc, assisted by some doctors and nurses from other organizations, provided medical care to hundreds of people from around the island. The rest of us tried to be as helpful as it's possible to be on a medical trip without any actual medical skills. I took height and weight. And of course we took lots of pictures.
 Watching the oyibo (foreigners) try to gracefully jump from the boat to the beach on our arrival. They don't look real impressed.
For every picture I took of the town and the people, a half dozen pictures were taken of me - by the press guys like the one above and by the villagers wealthy enough to have phones. I tried to stay away from invasive shots of people as much as possible - as much as I like to do portraits - because we didn't really have a consent system set up, but it was definitely a hard line to draw. Is there a rule of thumb other people use when they're taking pictures of people overseas? Whenever I ask people's consent first I tend to get pictures of them smiling (fakely) and posing (also very fakely).
Love the set-up of a pool table on the beach. Not sure how well the table deals with rain though...

I'd just like to call your attention to the last two items on offer: hair placenta and hair fertilizer.

I love, love, love getting out of our little Lagos bubble and seeing what life is like in the rest of the country. Hopefully in the next few months (once I get back from the states of course) I hope to get out some more within Nigeria and maybe to Benin, Togo or Ghana.

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