Sunday, July 28, 2013


Last week I denied the grocer a visa...

...this week the butter on the shelf at the grocery store is mysteriously 'not for sale'.


These two events may be unrelated, but it does make me wonder.

It also makes me a little nervous about the hairstylist who was asking me visa questions the other day. I think I might need to start looking for a back-up salon, just in case...

Other than grocery shopping I've had a pretty typical weekend. Dinner on Friday, a party last night, and of course, sailing all day Saturday. This weekend we got to sail into the ocean. (Usually we just sail in the channel.) Have you ever seen The Perfect Storm? Yeah, it was pretty much just like that. There was a point when I was hanging by a rope and got flipped into the water. There were several points when the waves were so rough that I couldn't see anything and was hanging on for dear life, it felt like I was riding a horse the boat was rocking so hard.  The swells, while probably not that impressive from a big ship, were epically huge from our tiny catamaran. For a few seconds the whole boat was flying as we came off one of the monster waves. As with all the best sailing weekends I escaped bloody, bruised, soaked, exhausted and with very bad hair. Oh, and happy. Very, very happy.

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