Monday, May 6, 2013

Tough times

If you're wondering why I haven't written in a while, I can only say that April was every bit as challenging and a great deal more traumatic, than I imagined it would be. There was all the extra work of course, and I got sick twice, which slowed me down. But out of the blue our little consulate family lost one of our own and everything else just faded into the background. I don't really want to talk about the who and the how and the unanswerable why of that tragedy, at least not on such a public forum. So please forgive me if it seems like I'm glossing it over.

It's with all the weight of the past month hanging over me that I look forward to my first break from post.  At the end of the month (my fifth at post) I'm taking my first leave days and seeing my family on vacation. And unlike my typical self, I don't care at all where we go or what we do. I just want to hold my family close and spend a day not worrying about a thing.

And on a much more positive note, thanks to all my buddies here at post who make every day worthwhile. The people really do make the post and in that regard, Lagos might as well be Disneyworld for all the awesomeness floating around.

Ok. Enough seriousness for one night. Hasta mañana from nairaland.

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  1. Oh, words aren't enough in these times. I'm so sorry for the loss. thankful for your chance to see your loved ones. praying for you.