Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pisa and Florence

Ok, here begins the time-honored tradition of posting vacation photos for a month straight. Bear with me, these will all be completely out of order. Hence Florence/Pisa, which came on day 6 of the trip, is going first. Because I say so.


Unfortunately for us, time was short and Italy was jam-packed with can't-miss sights so some things had to be a little 'condensed'. We ended up spending a combined total of about 4 hours in Pisa and Florence but they didn't disappoint.

Pisa was surprisingly big.

The tower was actually very beautiful and impressively non-vertical. I'm assuming you can google that one, and all my best pictures have us in them, so instead, here's some goofy tourist going the extra mile for the perfect shot.

If you have time I think Pisa is worth a few days visit. We stayed about ten minutes. (Americans are very efficient tourists.)

We sped off to Florence next to see the David by Michaelangelo. No pictures are allowed inside, but again, I get the feeling you know what statue I'm talking about. It's housed in a relatively small and nondescript museum amidst the gajillion or so art galleries and museums scattered around the city.

I would definitely recommend a visit.

Next we drove past what appeared to be the Duomo (gorgeous) on our way to the Ponte Vecchio. The drive through the center of Florence was utter chaos and I don't recommend it for anyone who values their sanity. Why don't they just use road signs? They seem to do the trick pretty nicely in the States...

Anyway, it was very, very crowded and very, very beautiful. Apparently three similar bridges were destroyed in WWII. It's basically a bridge with buildings on top. See?

Really cool buildings though.


Ah, Florence. 


Stay tuned for Italy part II...

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