Sunday, April 28, 2013

To Do

Okay readers. Get out your pen and paper, I'm giving you an assignment. I want you to hold me to the following list of awesome things that I'm planning to do in the next two years (or 1 and 2/3 years now). I fully expect a barrage of angry emails come January 2015 if I don't make it through the list - or at least 90% of it (still an A- after all).

I, while living in the very awesome city of Lagos, Nigeria, and being of sound mind and body, do hereby solemnly swear to accomplish, to the best of my ability, the following:
  • Learn to sail
  • Make homemade cheese
  • Visit at least four other African countries (the short list so far is including Benin, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa)
  • Get an article or photograph published - anywhere
  • Grow something from a seed to the point that I can eat it (assuming of course that the something is an edible plant)
  • Learn to play at least a few songs on the piano
  • Read at least six more books by African, especially Nigerian, authors (currently reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi, next up The Famished Road - Ben Okri, also want to read another Chinua Achebe, another by Ngozi and some Wole Soyinka)
  • Learn how to cook a Nigerian dish, preferably either Fish Pepper Soup or Suya
  • Conduct an interview in Yoruba (and bonus points for an interview in Igbo)
  • Go to an Eyo festival (see picture below)
  • Go to Calabar, Abuja, or both

Picture from here by the National Mirror Online

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  1. What a great list! I want to make cheese as well and I'm growing basil, sage & thyme from seeds (hopefully it's-growing). I think that's an ambitious but not unattainable list so just get to it friend!