Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I swore it wouldn't happen to me and that I wouldn't leave my fellow officers drowning in work just so I could spend a day being sick and useless. (If one of us is off the line, the remaining officers have to shoulder the burden, doing visas interviews for up to 8 hours straight on a bad day.) But oh my goodness. After a long night of nonstop misery I decided that recovery might be my full time job today.

See that cracker on the table? That's my morning project. Retrieve the cracker, consume the cracker. Baby steps people.

And this brings me to my morning rant. Why do we need to be so over scheduled that officers feel guilty taking a sick day when they're super sick? What happened to work-life balance?

I know - it's all about budgets, staffing priorities, etc. But just so it's been said, we need a little support on the line, especially given that consular - in a very real sense - brings home the bacon. Do the math if you don't believe me. We bring in $160 per interview, times between 120 and 150 interviews per officer. Every day. On second thought, thank you State Department for this very expensive sick day. I'll use it wisely.

Now back to that cracker...

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