Sunday, April 14, 2013

Look who finally decided to show up!

That's right, it's el coche. Picking up my car was a saga that consumed much of my weekend, but it doesn't even matter because now I've got wheels and I'm (very) ready to use them.

I went after work on Friday to pick it up with a very patient and helpful friend. My battery was dead after 4 months of sitting, so the warehouse guys gave me a jump to get it going. Unfortunately, it was also completely out of gas. (Just a note to future officers, don't leave you car completely on E no matter who says it's a good idea.) Long story short, I got to have my first pushing-the-car-through-Lagos experience on the way from the warehouse to the gas station. We filled it up but the battery was still a bit touchy, so the warehouse guys put it on life support overnight. The extra TLC apparently did the trick because on Saturday morning it was delivered, a little bit dirty but otherwise fine, at my door. Best day ever!

So far I have been all over town with my little silver buddy, showing him off. My driver should be back from vacation next week, but in the meantime my friends have been happy to help me take it for a spin. Most of them are in the same boat with the lack of transportation thing.

Next week who knows? Seafood restaurant? Beach trip? Jazz club? The world - or the city at any rate - is my oyster.

Other happenings from this weekend include a barbecue, two art gallery openings, and the obligatory hour spent at the pool 'getting some fresh air'. It's a good life...

Pictured: my car, and a random shot of sunset over the port

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