Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tourist Attractions of Lagos, Part 1: Lekki Conservation Center

Living in Nigeria has a lot of good points, but the restrictions can certainly be a struggle. That's why it's so nice to find places (or be shown places) where you can get away from the city for a little while and at least experience a bit of what the rest of the country might be like.
Lekki Conservation Center is one of the best places to do this. It is, as the name implies, in Lekki (on Victoria Island) and admission is cheap at 500 Naira/$2.50. They have some raised walkways through the forest and a trail through the drier 'savannah' part of the park. But best of all, they have animals! There are giant turtles and peacocks in the entry area and crocodiles and monkeys in the forest. I've never actually seen the crocodiles, but the monkeys don't disappoint.  So if you ever happen to be in the neighborhood (hey, it could happen!) check it out.

 I love that they are so optimistic about the likelihood of survivors.
 No reason for this picture, all the green just makes me happy.
 See? It's very low impact.
 Seriously the best picture I got of any of the monkeys. They were so close but they just won't stop moving. It's like trying to take a picture of my dog...
Tower-thing in the savannah part of the park - Warning! This part of the park will make you very hot, thirsty and dirty. And tired. But it's good if you're into that sort of thing...
As promised, giant turtle.

Unfortunately I didn't capture the crazy mating dance he was doing on video, but it was definitely a National Geographic moment.

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  1. TURTLE!!! This place looks pretty cool. I love the crocodile warning & I am excited for you that you got to be so close to a bunch of monkeys.