Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boat tour of Lagos

Just a few quick pictures from the boat tour we took yesterday. I cannot get over how much I love seeing Nigeria from the water. You see a little bit of everything. There's the Yacht Club and the fancy hotels. There's the port, full of huge cargo ships from all over the world. And then there are the traditional communities, fishing and living on the water. It's all beautiful and I keep being reminded how lucky I am to be here.

These guys are the sand dredgers I think. They spend all day pulling sand from the bottom of the lagoon. They have to be just about the strongest people in the country because that would be exhausting labor.

Reminds me of 'Heart of Darkness'. I really love that tree.

Talking with a TDY-er from Poland - I guess the boat parking system is a little more haphazard here. If you want to park you boat in the middle of the channel then you just damn well park it in the channel. (And if you want to abandon it there forever, well - it happens.)

Not pictured: monkeys, tortoises, lizards and peacocks from the Lekki Nature Center. Also I need to get some good market pictures because it's awesome.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Miss you lots! I can't wait to have our own adventures :)