Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Freezing my backside off here in New York City. There's still confetti on the ground (and the occasional piece still impossibly hanging around in the air) from New Years Eve. I finished one set of consultations and have the second set tomorrow. This city truly is unlike any other. My impression, on the taxi-ride in from La Guardia was of a wall of buildings, like a cliff. (Or like that scene in Inception.) I love how I can see into a hundred (or more) offices and restaurants and hotel rooms from my room. It's kind of chummy, no? Like we're all camping out here together. That said, New York is a little intense. Just judging from the Starbucks, this is a place where you'd better know exactly what you want and be prepared to fight for it.

Anyway, I'm glad that I had the chance to stop here on my way out of the country. What could be more American than the Big Apple?


So far in New York I have...
1) Ogled Times Square like the shameless tourist that I am.
2) Taken the subway 3 times.
3) Gotten lost 0 times.
4) Eaten Cuban food at Havana Central.*
5) Eaten Sri Lankan food at Sigiri.**
6) Seen a show on Broadway.
And...spent a lot of time in my hotel room - sick. Because that's life for you.

*Shoutout to Havana Central - excellent food, right off Times Square, and best of all they made me - a sad single traveler - feel welcome and a part of the action. Not every restaurant knows how to deal with lone travelers and it was much appreciated.
**Sigiri is the only Sri Lankan restaurant I've found in the US, so it's truly a miraculous little place. The string hoppers were great, as was the company.  (The waiter mistook me for a member of another party and seated me with them. Rather than explain the mix-up we decided to eat together and it was lovely. I guess that's the other way to eat as a single traveler!)

Happy New Year everyone!

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