Sunday, December 30, 2012

The end...

...of 2012

Just a quick update - I'm at a bit of a standstill in my personal and professional life.

Rather than a top 10 of 2012 post (or top 12) I'll just stick with the top 10 things that I've been doing since I blogged last.

1) Over the holidays I ate an average of 5 cookies per day. I completely rediscovered my mom's corn flake wreaths.
2) I moved out of Oakwood and found the one and only hotel in DC that is available for half per-diem, within walking distance of main state, and offers a kitchenette.
3) Last night the police raided the hotel room next to mine. This may or may not explain the amazing deal I got on the room...
4) I ate oysters for the first time yesterday. Thanks to my friends who pointed out that my life wasn't complete without slurping down a few oysters at the raw bar. (You were right, they're delicious.)
5) I finally got to see my cousin - he's recently back from Afghanistan. The last time we saw each other he was in middle school. I guess that shows how often we all get together, doesn't it?
6) We had a Christmas that was almost entirely devoid of 'presents' in the traditional sense, but totally filled with blessings and generosity. I think I could get used to this no presents thing.
7) I spent an entire day doing distance learning at main state. Ugh.
8) I bought my dog a Santa suit and he wore it on Christmas. I am the world's best pet owner.
9) I got to hang out with all the grandparents, my folks, and my brother - the Paraguayan. I appreciated this opportunity even more knowing that I'll be so far from home for the next two years.
10) I realized this morning that when I wake up a week from now I'll be in Lagos.

Okay,and with that, I'll leave you.  Happy (almost) New Year!


  1. Which hotel is that? It would be useful for my next OA attempt.


  2. Happy New Year to you too! We love wreath cookies as well -- to make it even more simple and great for big gatherings we will butter down a pretty bunt pan and press the cornflake-marshmallowy goodness in there, flip it onto a pretty plate and then quickly decorate with the red hots in little groups of three. You get a pretty full wreath and people can just slice it with a knife to serve themselves. So yummy! and always a hit!

    Do we get a picture of your Santa-pup?

  3. Hey Becky - it was the Quincy. They also have free wifi, a laundry machine for guests, and were just very nice people. I definitely recommend it.

    Nomads- that sounds like a dangerous recipe! That giant wreath would be gone in a day if I was there.

    As for the Santa suit, I'll try to post a pic. My mom was smart enough to get a few.