Thursday, November 15, 2012

Running in place...

My preparations for Nigeria are mostly on hold. By day I'm busy learning absolutely everything I ever wanted to know (and a good deal that I could have done without) about nationality and immigration law. By night - well, I haven't gotten a great deal accomplished outside of class, but you know, I'm catching up on my reading. (I unreservedly recommend Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I can't say the same for The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad. Just to prove my point, I've been working on The Secret Agent for a month now. Never Let Me Go took 3 days.)

ConGen (the consular orientation, just to remind you) is going well. It's crazy to think that in two months I'll be on the ground, doing all this stuff for real. It's also a little crazy to think that in two months I'll be living in AFRICA! Who's up for a rousing game of 'whoever has lived on the most continents wins'? Nobody? Hm...

Not only am I excited to get to live and work somewhere new, but it doesn't hurt that the forecast for Lagos is warm and sunny. And in DC? The high here was 47 today. Ick. Is it time to go yet?

And one more thing. I saw Argo the other day when my parents were in town and I highly recommend it. Well, except if you're one of my grandmothers. For the grandmas I'll just summarize. Argo is all about how going abroad and representing your country is safe, safe, safe. Which is of course why I spent much of the movie gripping the armrest in the theater - even though we all know how the story ends. All kidding aside it's sobering viewing, even with a premise that sounds like comedy.

Next weekend of course I'll be in for even more high-brow viewing when we all go see the Twilight movie together. What can I say? We have to keep up our knowledge of American culture somehow.

Ok, that's it! Happy Thursday!


  1. The getting ready to go stage is so much fun -- kinda like the clackity ride up the first big hill, such anticipation for arching over that first hump to start the wild ride! Keep enjoying the States and the little things: safe walks at night, going out to movies and restaurants, talking to family with few time zone issues if any. Haven't been to Nigeria, but recently finished a tour in Mozambique. Africa is an amazing place. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you touch ground!

  2. love your blog & enjoyed chatting with you today at FSI! Happy con-gen-ing :) Oh here's a link to my blog-