Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's movie season

Doesn't it strike you as strange that for 3/4 of the year there is absolutely nothing to see at the theater, but suddenly they come out with a pile of new movies right at the end of the year? I know it has something to do with holidays and academy awards, but usually somewhere in February or September I'm cursing the person that made that decision.

However, as long as we're in the new-movie-every-five-minutes period I've got to take advantage while I can. It's in that spirit that I went to see the Twilight movie this weekend. I have two words for you. CGI Baby. (Okay, one word and an acronym.) It was seriously the worst decision ever. Listen up Hollywood. CGI characters are an abomination. They are creepy. And worse, they're totally unnecessary. Could they not find a human baby to lie there and babble?

I've actually had a bit of a vendetta going against the misuse of CGI ever since Tom Hanks ruined one of my favorite childhood books (The Polar Express) with creepy and unnecessary CGI. To quote a line from Jurassic Park, they were 'so preoccupied with whether or not they could they didn't stop to think if they should'. So yes, Hollywood. You can make fake people. Now stop it. Seriously.

Twilight has, of course, been a pretty good example of truly atrocious special effects from the get-go (see every scene where someone does things 'super fast' and you'll know what I mean), but this movie took the cake. When the fake baby made its appearance everyone in the theater burst into laughter. (It was not supposed to be a funny scene.) It was all anyone was talking about on the way out of the theater too.


This is the third film I've seen this season (Argo, as I mentioned, was great. The Cloud Atlas was watchable.) I have high hopes for the James Bond movie and for Les Miserables. And, best of all, it appears that there are TWO new zombie movies coming out. :) Merry Christmas to me.

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