Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a done deal.

I finished A-100 on Friday. It was a proud moment, but also a little anticlimatic. We were sworn in (for the second time) and then we all went to happy hour together. And then I bought some groceries and took the metro home and got rained on waiting for the shuttle and may or may not have watched the end of Black Swan while eating leftovers. So glamorous!

Now we've moved on to the section of training I call 'organized chaos'. Everyone has their own training schedule so we don't get to see as much of each other. I have a few days to get my affairs in order before ConGen starts and it's a good thing too because I have a million things to do.

*request copies of my vaccination records from my childhood doctors (because I accidentally put them in
my HHE and now I can't get to them)
*visit the med office for my new set of shots
*figure out what kind of car to take to Lagos - and if I should take one at all (I think I've got this mostly settled)
*buy said car
*buy many, many consumables (food - normally I wouldn't ship food overseas but I've heard that even the basics in Lagos are crazy expensive so it'll save me a lot to just buy things here and ship them)
*schedule another packout for my POV (car), consumables, and supplemental HHE (since I didn't fill up my household effects shipment the first time I can put quite a bit into it in case I wanted to buy more now that I know where I'm going)
*get my diplomatic passport
*get my Nigeria visa
*get travel to approve my flights
*schedule my DHS consultations
*oh yeah, and actually read something about Nigeria if there's time (ha!)

In truth I do have quite a bit of time now because I'm waiting on my travel orders before I can do anything - well I could go shopping, but I don't have a car so that's tough. And I can't go car shopping until I know more, so for now I'm busy obsessively checking my email for the travel orders.

I do hope I get a chance to write more about A-100 because it was quite the experience, but things are moving at a pretty fast clip now and I don't want to fall behind with all the news.

And just one more thing- I wanted to embed a youtube video about Nigeria, but when I did a search this is the first thing that came up. *sigh* What is the saying? Haters gonna hate, right? Well I think Lagos is going to be awesome.

On that note here's something a little more positive. I love that he's singing in another language and I like the thought that maybe a year from now I'll be able to tell which other language it is. ;)

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