Thursday, October 4, 2012

I got a laugh out of this....

Check out this board game I found at the store and just had to purchase.
That's me with the giant key I suppose.

The best part though is the subtext:
Did you catch that? It's almost like the foreign service, right? Except back then exciting travel apparently meant Europe. And I'm not sure what ratio of skill:strategy:luck is necessary to succeed these days. (Though if the bid list is any indication I think it's about 2 parts luck to 1 part strategy and skill doesn't come into play until you're in the mid-levels.)

Anyway, sorry for not posting. There was an unpleasant language test and then there was the offsite - AKA the Woods (which was awesome and deserves it's own post) and then there was the weekend and then there was a public speaking assignment which made me a little bit unpleasant for a few days. In short, A-100 is surprisingly time consuming.

But I promise to update with something amazing someday soonish. ... Probably.

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