Monday, October 8, 2012

Charm City

This weekend I visited Baltimore for a little R&R from the rigors of A-100. I really packed my less than 48 hour trip with sights though. I ate fresh Maryland crab, I toured big old ships, I shopped, I saw the aquarium, I familiarized myself with Baltimore's public transportation system, and of course, I took lots of pictures.

I also learned a lot about the limits of taking pictures of moving objects in low light under water through glass. Basically I learned that my camera can't do that. Though I sure did give it the old college try.

Below are the few pictures from this weekend that don't totally stink.

Ok, ok. This one didn't come out perfectly. But I loved the black and white tank. I thought it was just a photograph until I saw them all bobbing around in there.

Technically not a sea creature, but he photographs well. I think this was in the Australia exhibit - otherwise known as '100 Creatures That Could Kill You'.

Inner Harbor, Baltimore - It was actually really nice. But a little bit seedy. I think this is how DC used to be 20 years ago (but since I was pretty young back then I don't remember).

Bridge picture for my dad.

Old ship!

Every year when they got out these ropes I imagine a scene just like ours with the Christmas lights. Only with more cursing. (They were sailors after all.)

The sleeping quarters. Way too much togetherness.

The water. Yes, it was a gray day, but that's how I picture all these maritime places anyway, so it was very fitting.

All in all I highly recommend Baltimore as a nice weekend trip from DC. If you want to catch the MARC train from Union Station it only runs on weekdays so head out Friday night. It'll save you quite a bit though, it costs 6-7 dollars, while the Amtrak costs about 30. They have trains leaving pretty regularly so it's no big deal and the trip itself takes about an hour. From Baltimore's Penn Station catch the free Charm City Circulator to head over to the inner harbor where most of the touristy stuff is.

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