Monday, September 3, 2012


I am sure there is a right way to do packout.

I am equally sure that I haven't discovered that way yet.

Two days from now movers are coming for my stuff and I just don't quite know what to do about that. My parents' house is in a state of utter chaos. Renovations have taken over the basement and flooded the rest of the house with 'refugee' furniture. Now there is the addition of all my displaced belongings and furniture and it's hard to climb over the piles of stuff, much less sort and inventory everything. So far my strategy has been to half-heartedly look through some stuff for an hour or so, get overwhelmed, and then decide to take a break that ends up lasting all day.

I swear I am an organized person, but something about being in someone else's home, and the whole renovation-induced claustrophobia, makes it very difficult for me to start tackling this problem.


In other news, I am busy wrapping up my summer. I got my hair chopped off for charity the other day.  I also fulfilled a goal I've had for years - to sell something at the farmers' market in town. I made the apple pie my grandma taught me, with apples picked fresh that morning. I am proud to say it sold in less than an hour and I made a whopping $12.50 for a lazy morning of baking and chatting with my mom. I'm hoping to cross one more item off my bucket list this week when we (hopefully) visit a corn maze nearby.   Oh, and did I mention that I got to ride along in my friend's semi?

(this deserves a paragraph of its own)

So, the story is that my friend - a totally normal, 20-something, liberal arts major and California girl, needed a job and was feeling adventurous. Next thing I know she's updating her facebook page from her 18-wheeler. (It's 18 wheels, right?) So, lucky me, I got to fulfill another dream that I didn't even know I had. I sat behind the wheel -while it was parked, naturally - and 'drove' a semi. I also got to see just what exactly a truck looks like on the inside. It was super awesome.  And of course I got to see my dear friend and catch up with her, which was even more awesome.

So yes, it has been a big summer. I'm getting increasingly nervous about A100 and the whole flag day  thing looming on the horizon.  The first day is only a week from today!

And with that I think I need to go bake some more pie and finish 'packing'.

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