Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Corn Maze

It was awesome. I have almost never felt more midwestern.

Also, my first packout was yesterday. I'm having two packouts since they couldn't do the HHE this week. So the UAB was packed - I was 50 pounds underweight, even after packing all of the 'gee I wish this could go in the UAB shipment' pile. In the end I stuffed a few extras in the pile and just sent it in underweight. The movers are coming back Monday for everything else and my longsuffering parents are dealing with that shipment on their own because I will already be in DC having my first day of A-100. Woohoo! The only hiccup in the packing process came when I found out that they won't take my liquids if they're in plastic bottles. I was a bit disappointed because I carted all my cooking stuff home specifically so I wouldn't have to repurchase one of everything in DC.If I'm only in DC for a couple of months it would be annoying to have to purchase and then toss a bunch of cooking supplies, but just as annoying to live for two months without basic ingredients. What's a girl to do? Hopefully it was just a quirk of the moving company, but we'll see.

Also, I just found out that several family members actually read my blog. I always assumed it was just my folks.So thanks family! I'll try to limit the boring Foreign Service details for you.

One more note - I have really been impressed with how much work the 167th class has put in to help my class (the 169th) feel welcome and make a smooth transition. Thanks 167th, I definitely appreciate it!

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