Monday, September 17, 2012


I tried and tried to come up with something profound to say about the recent attack in Benghazi that killed four American diplomats. At the end of the day it all just felt wrong. I'm just a week into my own FS journey and I can't talk about the men who were killed as if I understand their sacrifice, at least not yet.

Instead I'll just say that the example of these officers - of generous and courageous service - and the example of those who knew them well here in Washington, has made me very proud to join their ranks.

I promise a lengthy update soon about my weekend trip to Arkansas, the bid-list, and anything else that comes to mind. Until then, all the best.


  1. Thank you for your kind words - I really appreciate it. At my last post, before I came to Tripoli, I proctored the FSOT for two years, and many of these examinees have written me and asked if I am okay (I always told them where I had been and where I was going next) and told me that they were still committed to joining State. We are all proud of the work done by our fallen colleagues, and now it's up to us to carry on their legacy.

    Are you from AR?

  2. Hi hannah,
    I'm actually from the Midwest. Rachael and I met while we were roommates and colleagues in Sri Lanka. But don't believe any of her stories about me. :) If you're up for giving advice I know a couple of people on their way to Libya who might have questions for you.