Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

My life since I've returned to the midwest is everything it hasn't been in ages - quiet, relaxed, healthy, slow. I look forward to summer at my parents' house every year and it hasn't been disappointing. Especially now that I know I won't be around to enjoy this as much in the future I'm savoring it while I can. And, because I'm just that kind of person, I put all this happiness into list form.

*Picking fresh raspberries from our garden
*Buying sweetcorn right from the farmer's front porch
*Boating on the lake
*Loading our bags full of goodies at the farmers' market (shout out to the best apple cider donuts ever!)
*Drying clothes outside in the sun so they smell all warm and fresh
*Building a bonfire in our backyard and roasting our dinner over it
*Watching zombie movies (wait, how did that get on the list?)
*Watching for shooting stars and spotting all the constellations
*Sharing lunch with my grandmother
*Visiting the same hair cutter that I've been to since I was in Kindergarten
*Reading in the sun
*Staying an extra 45 minutes at church because we keep finding friends to catch up with

It's been a much needed, and very awesome break from my 'real life'.  Speaking of that real life, there's a parallel list I've been working on for the past week or so as well. It goes a little more like this:

*Buy another suit
*Buy new shoes to go with suit
*Buy business-y bag to go with suit
*Get travel orders
*Get housing for DC
*Get flights to DC
*Set a date for the Great Packout
*Sort, organize, and inventory everything
*Pick a health insurance policy (ugh)
* ' ' ' dental policy
* ' ' ' thrift savings plan
* ' ' ' life insurance policy
*Write a will
*Fill out all the paperwork
*Scan and email the paperwork
*Photocopy and mail the paperwork
*Wait, there's more paperwork?
*Send in the last of my Pickering documents
*Find a phone and plan that will work overseas
*File for all those frequent flyer miles from this summer (I'm up to 28 flights so far this year, I'm expecting 5-6 more. I have the carbon footprint of a small country at this point.)
*Change my mailing address with the post office

Think I'm missing anything? (Yeah, me too.)

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