Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wish you were here!

Hello from Sucre, the other capital of Bolivia. It also happens to be a major chocolate producing city for the country. Clearly I'm a strategic traveler. Mostly the idea this weekend is to see and do nothing. I've only got one week left in Bolivia before I leave the internship and start my entirely-too-ambitious tour of the region. So naturally I have to start conserving my energy now. Sucre is the perfect place to do it too. It's quiet, beautiful, and relatively free of 'sights' to distract us. We saw one small museum, strolled through the market (and ate one of everything for sale) and have spent embarrassing amounts of time reading on the roof of our gorgeous hotel. *sigh* It's a good life. No pictures til I get back, but until then I hope your weekend is as peaceful as mine!

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