Monday, July 30, 2012


It was 35 degrees in my hotel room last night. And they were all out of space heaters or extra blankets. I really hate my travel agent right now.

I can handle lots of things while traveling. Cockroaches, 'squatty potties', no electricity or running water - I've done it all before. But cold? Oh hell no! Unless my lodgings are actually made from ice or snow I like heat and lots of it.

On the plus side I made it safely (and with all my luggage) to Cusco, Peru. Tomorrow I see Machu Picchu and I have all day today to try to find some place a bit more civilized to sleep.

Also on the positive side, the earplugs I bought are absolute champs. They completely drowned out all the annoying backpacker sounds that would otherwise have kept me up all night. As it was, I was able to picture myself camping in the (arctic) wilderness, miles from the nearest human.

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