Friday, June 8, 2012


I got my Paraguayan visa today! I'm headed there at the end of my trip to visit my brother and his wife. I'm very excited to see him. One of the difficult things about traveling so much is that when I'm back I only get to see the friends and family that stay close to home. I never have enough time/energy/money to see the ones that have scattered. So this trip is a real treat. In other news, yesterday we visited an ancient pre-Incan site called Tiwanaku. It's a series of ruined temples located in the middle of the altiplano. The site was absolutely gorgeous. I love to get out and see the countryside. This particular trip was made possible by a local holiday, Corpus Cristi. Did you know we get both American and local holidays off? Don't worry though - I'll make up for it by working all day for the Independence day event. Sorry no pictures today, I'm on my iPad and it isn't speaking to blogger apparently. Anyone with ideas about how to fix that feel free to comment! Finally, I may be dog sitting next week and I am unreasonably excited. I have been petting every street dog in La Paz since I miss my dog so much, so hopefully I can play pet owner and get that all out of my system. All the best from La Paz, the best post ever (and a 25% differential if you're interested!) Til next time!

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