Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sagarnaga/The Witches Market

This weekend we stuck around in town to see some of what La Paz has to offer.

First we hit up Sagarnaga, a famous shopping street.

It's in the old part of town and also known as the Witches' Market, where you can buy traditional folk remedies and offerings to make to Pachamama (Mother Earth). Most strange to American visitors are the llama fetuses. From what I understand, you bury it in your yard to protect your household and bless it.
The Coca Museum is located in the middle of the market. The guidebook called it very even-handed, but it seemed heavy handed to me. Anyway, the history and science of coca are very interesting. It's worth the 10 Boliviano admission and 30 minutes it takes to read through the exhibits.


After the coca museum and the Witches' Market we saw Iglesia San Francisco, founded in 1548. We didn't have time to see much though because we had a very important be continued!

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