Monday, June 18, 2012

Gran Poder 2012 (2)

Okay, dances continued!(Better two weeks late than never!)

There is the diablada - depicting the devil. Miners used to (still do?) make offerings to the devil to keep them safe in the mines.

Little devil. Not so scary, right?

The devils are, inexplicably, accompanied by some giant…furries.

No comment.

Then there was the llama herders' dance. I didn't get any pictures of this. Oops.
In addition to the dancers with very specific costumes there were plenty of women's groups dressed in their chola finest. Like so:

Each group was also accompanied by their own huge, very loud band - marching to the beat of some very large drums.

I was struck overall with the differences between American and Bolivian parades. In the US mostly young people (kids and teens) dance in the parades or play music, but even then there isn't much actual dancing. The Bolivian parade was all high-energy dancing and it was done by adults with only occasional kid participation. I was very impressed at the number of adults here who are able to play an instrument and groove a little. Maybe I can bring the Gran Poder back to the states with me this fall…

Anyway, loved it all, it was a fantastic day. We stayed til noon and topped off the day with a showing of Blancanieves y la Legenda del Cazador (Snow White and the Huntsman) in Spanish at the luxury theater. They served us full meals in giant plush recliners (for less than the price of a matinee ticket back home). I could get used to this!

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