Thursday, May 17, 2012


...I fly to Bolivia! After two weeks of vacation I'm starting to feel like myself again - relaxed, prepared, and excited. I spent the day in total relaxation mode, laying in the sun and reading non-fiction. I am really looking forward to doing more of that this summer. Well, not the laying in the sun bit (Bolivia is kind of chilly this time of year) but certainly the reading. Also, I just wanted to mention my support for a fellow FS blogger who I've found personally very inspiring. Jen Dinoia got kicked off the official State blog roll (though she's back on it now) for posting about her struggle with breast cancer. I'm so glad she shared her experience (even if she had to use the word nipple!) Her story gave me a lot of comfort when I had a scare of my own (thankfully just a scare). It was so encouraging to see how so many in FS community supported her during the ordeal and it reassured me that I was choosing a solid group of people to work with. With or without official sanction her story has meant a lot and she deserves our support. Check out her blog here. Okay, I'm off to my farewell dinner. Next time you hear from me it should be from La Paz!

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