Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grad School - Check

It's been a very hectic week en mi casa.

I finished my classes. I gave my presentations. I turned in my papers.

I said goodbye to my job, my friends and my school.

I played hostess to my parents and had an all-too-brief visit with a dear friend from Sri Lanka passing through town on her way to somewhere cool.

We packed my stuff. We cleaned out my apartment. We drove halfway across the country.

Normally I pride myself on being calm and organized, but this week I was barely keeping my head above water. Thankfully I had my really wonderful friends and family to see me through. Now I'm back in the mid-west. I have a couple of relatively calm weeks to tie up all the loose strings of my life before heading to Bolivia - I'm finishing one last project for a client in DC, visiting all the relatives, helping my mom host some mother's day festivities, and buying lots of goodies to take to my brother and his wife.  I also decided to hire a Spanish tutor for a couple hours a day to help me bring my Spanish back up to snuff. It's coming back pretty quickly, but it has been 10 years since my last Spanish class, so the refresher was definitely necessary.

The next week and a half might not be very exciting, but I don't really need much of that right now. Just a cold drink and a light breeze and a chance to catch my breath.

*Disclaimer: The pictures below do not adequately capture the chaos of the past few days.

1) I thought it was amusing that I spent two years living here ^ before joining the Foreign Service, and now that I'm all moved out I figured it was fine to show on the blog.

2) ALL of my worldly possessions including a studio apartment's worth of furniture are inside this tiny U-HAUL. Thanks Dad!

3) Finally, where I am now (physically and mentally). Blue skies and fluffy clouds.

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