Monday, April 30, 2012


My apologies for being no fun this weekend. If you are a close friend you know that I did not ask you to join me for dinner or take you up on your offer to go to the movies. If you are a family member you have probably turned your phone off by now so I would have to stop calling and whining to you.

But I swear it's all for a good cause. I'm sort-of, almost finished with finals and my moving preparations and it's a huge relief. My papers are written and of reasonable-to-good quality. My presentation is prepared. My extra possessions have new owners who I'm sure are treating them better than I ever did. The walls are bare and so are the cupboards.

Just 4 more days now!

And to make up for being lame, here are some pictures of happy things.

Turkish Delight It really was delightful, but sooo much more so when it was fresh, and unfortnately also when it was expensive, the cheap stuff was terrible.
 Up close - this is my favorite kind, pomegranate dusted with powdered sugar and full of pistachios.
 Cherry blossoms (better late than never!)
 Scenery - I managed to hit the Cherry Blossoms on a Monday morning or something and it was just perfect. The tourists were just starting to trickle in and the blossoms were pretty much at their peak. Even the weather was amazing.

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