Friday, April 27, 2012

7 days

One week from today I will finish grad school. I'll turn in my final two papers, give my final presentation and ride off into the sunset.

The current state of my life is what I like to call 'controlled chaos'. The pictures are off the walls, propped into my newly designated Moving Corner. The pile of give-aways is neatly stacked, awaiting action on my part. The boxes are beginning to pile up and the goodbye coffees are mostly scheduled.

Though this is a goodbye of sorts it isn't as bittersweet as it could be. First of course, I know that I'll be back in DC in the blink of an eye for my A-100 class. So I won't be saying any 'hope I see you again someday' goodbyes. Second, I'm extremely ready to be finished with school and start my career. Not that grad school hasn't been good to me, but it's about time to move on. And finally, I've got a very cool summer ahead of me, a chance to live in a new part of the world, see my South American relatives, work for the first time in an Embassy, practice my Spanish, and not write any more research papers. (That last one is particularly inspiring me right now.)

Two years ago I was in a very different boat, anxious but also very sad to be ending my year in Sri Lanka and a bit nervous at the thought of all the hurdles that lay ahead (ie, the security and medical clearances, the FSOT and FSOA, and the whole grad school deal). Now I'm older, wiser(?), a better writer and a better cook. I've traveled to new places, eaten quite a few new foods, and made friends that I hope will stick with me for life. (Except for the whole 'I'll be moving every two years from now on' bit.)

So here's to grad school, the good and the bad.

Feel free to count down with me.

7 More Days

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