Monday, March 26, 2012

What not to eat in Kampala

A couple of adventurous eating 'misses' are worth showing off too.
First is a packet of 'daddies' (pronounced duddies)that look and taste like stale flavourless croutons. These were the only form of packaged Ugandan snack I could find.* Otherwise it seems like Ugandans favor British, American, and Indian junk food.
*Well, this and groundnuts.

Second is a truly amazing find, cheese in a can. It's in Arabic, so I'm assuming that it's a favorite somewhere in the middle east, but it's clearly a Kraft product from the logo (and it says so in English on the other side). It tasted like you would expect, like the single-wrapped processed cheese at home. The only real difference was that it's in a very awkward shape for making sandwiches - especially since it doesn't spread well. Oh, and the fact that it can apparently last forever. Clearly not a dairy product for the faint of heart.

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